Art therapy workshop

Fankeenna Art Therapy workshop
Fankeenna Art Therapy workshop

May 11, 2023.

Fankeenna and Sirta Maanka joined forces to organise an art therapy workshop where 19 participants had the opportunity to delve into their emotional landscape via the transformative power of art. Under the expert guidance of the incredibly talented Najaah Harun, each participant embarked on a unique journey of self-exploration, expressing intricate emotions through the medium of canvas.


This artful exploration was not just an aesthetic exercise; it served as a valuable tool for easing anxiety, relieving depression and bringing clarity to life decisions. The essence of the workshop was strikingly manifested when participants artistically immersed themselves into a narrative, encapsulating the peak emotion in their artwork, and then sharing their interpretations with the group. The result was beyond mere beautiful art. It was a testament to the profound power of art and its ability to connect us on a deeper level.


The art therapy workshop also served as a unique platform for mental health awareness and acceptance, utilising creativity to explore and express complex emotions. As we celebrate the success of our workshop, we look forward to many more gatherings in the future. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated and made this event a memorable one. Let us continue to explore, express and evolve through the power of art.


Sirta Maanka is a local NGO that works to enhance mental health by informing, training, and empowering individuals and communities. They foster understanding, reduce stigma and support those grappling with mental health issues.