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About us

FANKEENNA houses a studio, gallery and workspace for artists in Hargeisa. The word fankeenna, which translates to 'Our Art' in Somali, reflects our drive to cultivate local creativity and ingenuity.


We produce, preserve and promote Somali creativity and artists that entertain, educate and empower local communities.


We believe that art and creative expression can be used to encourage meaningful dialogue, reconciliation and collaboration, while also diversifying the economy, ultimately leading to a more inclusive, peaceful and prosperous society.

Nagu saabsan

FANKEENNA waa madal ku taalo Hargeisa oo leh istuudiyo, gallery, iyo goob shaqo oo u furan fanaaniinta.


Ujeeddadeenu waa inaan soo saarno oo aan kor u qaadno fanka iyo fanaaniinta soomaaliyeed ee maaweeliya, wax baro oo hadana awood siiya bulshada.


Waxaan aaminsanahay in fanka iyo hal-abuurku ay kobcin karaan wada-hadal bulsho iyo isku-duubni laga maarmaan u ah wadajirka iyo nabad-dhisidda dalkeenna.

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With the aim of providing a much-needed support system for local artists and creative professionals, a group of Hargeisa-based creatives founded FANKEENNA in 2020. The platform was born out of a shared desire to create a space that the founders wished they had had when they were first starting out in their careers.

FANKEENNA is designed to be a source of inspiration, motivation, learning and support for artists and other creatives, helping them to overcome the obstacles and struggles that often arise as emerging artists. By fostering a sense of community and providing resources and opportunities for growth, FANKEENNA is dedicated to helping local artists and creative professionals succeed and thrive in their work.

At FANKEENNA, we are proud to have a vibrant, young and diverse team of creative professionals, volunteers and partners. Our creative collective consists of visual artists, photographers, musicians, graphic designers, painters, writers, journalist, filmmakers, social media creators, printmakers and many more who come together to create meaningful works of art and promote creative expression.

Our creative collective brings skills and perspectives, which helps us create a strong platform that revive Somali arts and stories. Together, we strive to create a platform for collaboration and conversations. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for creativity and learning, and we believe in the power of art to make a positive impact in our society.

FANKEENNA supports Somali arts, improves the creative environment for local artists and facilitates community building by:

  • Being a leading arts platform that provides open workspaces, valuable training, networking and funding opportunities for artists and other creative professionals.
  • Supporting, mentoring and promoting emerging young artists.
  • Curating events and exhibitions that educate, entertain and empower local communities together with national and international partners.
  • Producing, preserving and promoting Somali art to both local and global audiences.
  • Strengthening the creative economy by creating an enabling environment for youth to explore their creativity and develop creative business ideas.
  • Providing an inclusive community-led platform for social dialogue, expression and healing. 


Trust is essential for building strong relationships and creating a positive impact in any context, but it is especially important when working with fragile communities. We believe that social change starts with trust, both at the individual and organisational level. We want to connect people, ideas and solutions based on trust. 

We believe inclusivity is essential for creating a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone. We recognise and embrace in all our activities different ages, genders, social backgrounds, clans, and we condemn any form of discrimination.


We believe many of the challenges in society stem from a lack of social capital and collaboration. FANKEENNA wants to change this by promoting partnerships instead of competition. We want to facilitate conversations and co-creation that allows for the achievement of greater outcomes than what could be accomplished by one person working alone. We also see co-creation as way to build strong relationships, nurture our community, and develop a platform for collective action.

FANKEENNA is dedicated to ensuring that our initiatives have a lasting and meaningful impact on the communities we serve. We use a variety of metrics to measure our impact, including the number of people reached and supported, the level of engagement, the number of jobs created, and the number of co-creations and partnerships that expands our reach. We also strive to facilitate projects and initiatives that are sustainable, and which can continue to benefit the community even after they end. By understanding the needs of the community and working together with local partners, we are able to ensure that our initiatives have a positive impact on both individuals and society as a whole.